Pactle Today

  • Pactle is a leading engineering and technology expert, involved in its selected electricity and infrastructure sectors
  • Pactle has been an globally recognised EPC over the last decade.
  • A contractor known for its durability, versatility and its impregnable route record (Engineering-Promotion-Construction).
  • Pactle is committed to satisfying foreign customers ' needs. And markets, with heavy focus on the very powerful combined cycle gas turbine technology, is involved in major power station projects across Europe , and North America.
  • Pactle has also successfully conducted PHP ventures in Europe , the Americas and most recently Australia, following on from the new technological developments, with a specific focus on environmental sustainability and energy conservation.
  • Pactle also represents various businesses worldwide through its manufacturing activities. Customers exporting goods worldwide although their manufacturing plants, and decades of experience in complex manufacturing and high value added, produces energy-producing machines and parts, heavy industry, applications for defense and infrastructure.
  • It has continually grown since the founding of Pactle over 50 years ago. His experience, human capital and skills. Pactle is worldwide today recognized for its unparalleled reaction and capability by leading customer’s extremely complex tasks to deliver effectively. As well as its good deployment track record, Pactle still has a solid track record a good financial position that helps it to extend its operations further to new markets for regional growth. Pactle is now a business entity following the successful restructuring the subsidiaries in one business of Pactle Group.
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