PACTLE is the PACTLE S.A. corporate unit for Sustainable Innovation Solutions. Engage in the development and execution of environmental engineering initiatives, thermal and selected transport initiatives.

PACTLE is very committed to meeting the interests of foreign customers and is involved in Europe, North America, and Africa in the conduct of sustainability ventures. Our production activities support various worldwide clients and export goods, while our industrial facilities manufacture state-of-the-art machinery and components used in its selected energy and infrastructure markets with decades' expertise in diverse, high-value manufacturing.

PACTLE has been improving its experience, human capital, and capability constantly. Today PACTLE has grown to become a leading foreign contractor, thanks to its principles and capacities, known for its efficiency, versatility, and solid track record of implementation.

PACTLE pursues its corporate expansion and seeks to extend its business operations into new geographic markets with booming energy demands, as well as the record of the successful implementation of projects.

As a corporate unit of PACTLE SA, PACTLE strives to play a constructive role in the wider society, to foster human values and social inclusion, and to pursue eco-friendly activities in all its business operations.

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