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Our Team is Our Power

The company puts great emphasis on Occupational Health & Safety, seeking to achieve excellent results in this domain and to accelerate the procedures towards attaining the “ZERO WORKPLACE INJURIES”  target.

Our Commitment

To ensure the achievement of “ZERO WORKPLACE INJURIES conditions in all work premises by employing modern methods, remaining constantly alert and providing education and training to personnel of all levels involved in the production process. To this end, pactle:

  • Develops and encourages the appropriate conditions for a fully Safe and Healthy Work Environment for its employees,
  • Applies all the appropriate measures which ensure the health and safety of employees,  external associates and visitors to the company’s facilities and construction sites,
  • Invests in technologies, equipment and practices that promote the prevention and elimination of potential occupational hazards.



Pactle respects and recognises its responsibilities and obligations towards the environment and people, as a responsible corporate citizen.

Through to our subsidiary PACTLE EGN, we have the ability and capacity to provide the most suitable energy project according to your needs..

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